Sales Agreement/Health Guarantee

We are so happy you have decided on a Sugarland puppy. We have raised this puppy inside our home
with tender loving care. We would never knowingly sell a sick puppy or sell our babies to a broker, pet store, or puppy mill.

This puppy is a __________ (male or female). Collar color ______
Parents are _____________X_____________. Born__________Discount of $_______
Puppy is being sold for $____________ with AKC limited or full. Puppy going home on ________.

Microchipped with AKC reunite #__________________________

_____ Initials Mean You understand that at any time you can no longer care for your Sugarland puppy
He/She would come back to us, no questions asked, at any age, and we will provide a forever home.

 Please do not rehome, give away or sell oncraigslist. This is not what was intended for this dog.

This puppy comes with a three-day, full-refund health guarantee. We ask buyers to have your puppy
examined by your vet within three days of leaving our home(sunday not included). Should your vet find an
illness or genetic defect that resulted in death within 3 days of sale. , Buyer is to call us immediately and
provide us with the vet findings. We would then consult with our vet and If it is confirmed by our vet to be
an illness or genetic defect that caused death, a Full Refund will be given to within 10 days. If puppy was
found to have a defect that would cause puppy not to live normal life, Please return puppy ASAP (with all
paperwork) for a  puppy exchange.

Sugarland (Deanna Southerland) is not
responsible for any vet bills acquired after puppy leaves our home. Buyer is responsible for fees to get
puppy back to us. Should buyer choose another puppy for exchange and goes with higher price you are
required to pay the difference.
Things we cannot guarantee: size, color, temperament, show ability, breeding ability.
Puppies get things sometimes, no matter how well cared for they are!!. This is a list of things we DO NOT
guarantee against and do warrant a puppy exchange: coccidia, girardia, fleas, ticks, ear mites, cherry
eye, biting, chewing, allergies, whether family members bond with puppy. (We will always take any dog
This puppy/dog comes with a two-year hip guarantee if kept on the NuVet vitamins. This is a requirement
for the two-year guarantee. Should your puppy be diagnosed by your vet with a life-threatening/fatal
genetic defect/ or an OFA hip score of MILD or below before the age of 2(24 months) buyer is to contact
us and provide the findings .And I will require proof from your vet of the weight and over all physical
condition of dog. We will take the findings to our vet. If it confirmed a genetic defect, we will offer buyer a
puppy replacement (only) of equal quality. If buyer chooses a puppy of higher price, buyer is required to
pay the difference. Buyer gets to keep their original puppy. We would never expect you to bring your dog

If this puppy is bred before two years old, this guarantee is void!

Buyer________________________ Seller_______________________